Monday, May 17, 2010

Cherry the Vicktory Dog

Excerpt from NBL Creations Sponsored Pets

"Our first "Far-Away" pet is Cherry . He was one of the many dogs rescued in April of 2007 from the former NFL Quarterback Michael Vick.
Here is Cherry's story.....
"One of the dogs rescued from the property of former NFL quarterback, Michael Vick, Cherry is shut down and shy.
When he first arrived at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (DogTown - Angel Canyon), he didn't even know how to walk on a leash. In fact, he was afraid to. He would get on his belly to let you know you'd have to drag him if you wanted to walk him.
There was a horrible, huge scar on his back. And any time a stranger approached, he would run away and cower. What on earth had been done to this poor dog?
Cherry is becoming a much braver, more confident dog.  He interacts playfully with all of his caregivers and actively seeks our attention."
Over time Cherry began to come around and walk freely and even play with other dogs. He came out of his shell and is getting much better.We have fallen in love with Cherry and are so happy with his progress. Hopefully he will be able to be adopted into a loving family such as ours."

Cherry became a big part of our lives and our hearts went out to him and all the Vicktory dogs that were rescued. We donated money to help his recovery and watch his progress very closely. When we heard that Cherry was adopted out to a loving, caring family we were over joyed. 
Paul and Melissa spent 6 months in the process to adopt Cherry and become his Forever Loving Home. 

Excerpt From Best Friends Updates 
"Paul and Melissa first saw Cherry in an earlier “DogTown” episode featuring the Vicktory dogs. Melissa described watching the show and feeling like Cherry “screamed” to them through the TV for their attention.
“Right then, we just wanted to pick him up and let him know we were OK and we’d love to love him if he’d let us,” says Melissa. “We knew our home would be the perfect home for Cherry.”
And it has been! Cherry became a faithful student on all things dog with Madison from his first day in their house. Madison showed Cherry the ropes on running, playing catch, snuggling and more. When Cherry got his first taste of snow, he cowered at the door, reluctant to go outside. But once he saw Madison romping around the “fun white stuff,” he immediately joined in."

On April 23, 2010 I awoke to a lovely email from Cherry's family, thanking our family for the support we gave Cherry. I was stunned and excited that they personally reached out to us to thank us for what we did for their Cherry. I immediately called my husband and told him the great news. He was almost in tears. 

This is for all the Pittbulls out there who get a bad rep. To own a Pittbull and love one unconditionally is to know what an amazing family pet they can be.

Our Ranger has taught us that and teaches us everyday.

 Cherry's Facebook Page

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