Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Antlers for chewing???

Yes that's right deer antlers for your dog to chew. It's becoming the newest, easiest, and most dependable items for your dog to chew on. They last forever or until your dog looses them.

Here's so more Antler Information:
"100% natural, long-lasting dog chew comes from a completely renewable source – Deer Antlers. Wild deer shed their antlers once a year as part of a natural process, after which the deer re-grow another set. These shed antlers are gathered by ranch workers and transported to QT Dog’s manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas. Here, the antlers are cut to the appropriate size, cleaned, and packaged.
Unlike processed livestock bones ANTLERZ™ don’t chip or splinter when they are being used by even the most aggressive chewing dogs. A dog’s chewing action grinds the treat down slowly. They are 100% natural, contain no plastics, no petrochemicals, no empty starches or artificial flavors."

The cheapest price I have found to purchase them is HERE.

I will be purchasing some Antlerz for my Bella and Buddy this weekend.

If you have your dogs chew on antlers, let me know how they like them. Pros and Cons.

Healthy Doggy Bowls

There might be some out there who forget, but do you ever realize how dirty your dogs food and water bowls are?

Just think about it......
Your dogs get feed in those bowls daily and drink water from their bowl daily. Over time of filling those bowls with dry, wet or a mix of dry and wet food, bacteria rapidly grows EVERY day in those bowls once they are done eating or even while they are drinking out of them.
So just a nice reminder to CLEAN THOSE BOWLS!!! Weekly basis is good or every day is even better.

Keep your pooches and even your kitties healthy with clean bowls they can eat and drink out of.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shaemus In Need.....................

Shaemus is a wonderful loving Boxer Pitt mix puppy who is in need for Knees. Shaemus belongs to a friend of mine Kim and he is the twinkle in her eye and he needs your help. His story is below..............

"Shaemus is my loving and sweet 17 month old pittie/boxer mix pup and he needs to have surgery on BOTH of his hind legs! Shaemus is a very active and rambunctious pup, and in his playtime, he tore the ACL in his hind right leg. In trying to compensate for this injury, he tore the ACL in his hind left leg now, too. He now has complete bi-lateral ACL ruptures. 
The surgeries are what's called a tibial plateu leveling osteotomy (TPLO) and his knee joints are going to be completely reconstructed to function WITHOUT an ACL. He is slated to have his first surgery on September 10, 2012. He will be given about 6 weeks of recovery before I can schedule his second surgery. He is going to need a lot of love and care during the next 6 months. He can't play, swim, run, jump, or anything active while he's recovering. He's going to need lots of physical therapy and rehabilitation that I am going to have to administer. Each leg is going to cost about $4,000, totaling around $8,000. I have only a part-time job because full-time is hard to come by at my job. I have a very good job, but I have around $500 in student loans each month, along with a car payment and credit card bills, rent and electric. I am reaching out for help from anyone who is willing to lend me a hand with Shaemus' surgeries and PT. I simply cannot afford all of this by myself. I can't just stop making all of my bills during each month, thus putting me in financial ruin, to pay for these surgeries. Shaemus is my life, my sweet little boy, the one that I so much look forward to coming home to from work each and every day. I can't wait to come home and see his sweet smile! I can't imagine my life without him now. These surgeries are very important to me; I need to keep my Shaemus by my side for the next 10-15 years! I can't bear the thought of putting him down just because of torn ACL's. This is such a fixable issue that putting him down doesn't make any sense to me. Please, help me keep my Shaemus!!"

So far Shaemus has had his first surgery and is recovering just fine but still need to have his second surgery. 
I'm asking for you to HELP Kim financially afford his surgery and treatment for a FULL recovery .

To donate please click the link below 
Shaemus Needs Knees   

Wellness Natural Dog Food RECALL/ Diamond Pet Food Proccessing Plant

I often speak highly of the natural dog food brand Wellness, however I have been hearing some very disturbing information from other pet owners so I decided to do my own research.
Here is what Wellness posted on their Facebook page October 30th 2012

"At Wellness, your complete satisfaction is always our top priority. Only the best tasting, most nutritious food will do for our furry family members. With that in mind we want to let you know that we have discovered that a small amount of our 12lb Small Breed Adult Health Dry Dog Food with the “Best By” date of August 18, 2013 did not meet our high standards. A small batch of the product with this specific date code was found to be higher in moisture than our recipe calls for. High moisture may cause food to mold before its expiration date, but poses no health risk.
We want you and your pet to be completely satisfied, so we are asking those who may have this limited supply of food to contact us for a replacement. No other dates, bag sizes or recipes are affected. Thanks for your support of Wellness, and we apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-225-0904. We'll be open at 8am eastern on Wednesday morning."
Small Breed Adult Health Dry Dog Food - 12lbs best by August 18, 2013 has been recalled. Its not that the bag didn't meet their high standards, the food is contaminated!!!
After more research I found that the manufacturing company Diamond Pet Foods, manufactures many dog foods on the market and that plant seems to have more recalls than any other dog food manufacture plant. That raises a RED FLAG on my radar.  
 Diamond Pet Foods manufactures the following dog foods:
  • Costco's Kirkland Signature
  • Solid Gold Health Products for Pets
  • Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods
  • Kirkland Signature Nature's Domain (Available only at Costco)
  • Taste of the Wild Pet Foods
  • Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul
  • 4Health (Available only at Tractor Supply Company)
  • NutraGold Super Premium Holistic Formulas
In May 2012 products manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods were all recalled due to Salmonella poisoning in 9 different states. Humans that had handled the dog food were hospitalized and dogs who were so ill passed due to the poisoning. 

For your health and the health of your pets RESEARCH WERE the pet food you feed your dogs in being manufactured. Many pet food company's don't have their own manufacturing plants so they contract bigger companies to have it done. Those plants also contract with many other pet food companies as well so when there is a break out of contaminated foods it spreads through out the plant. 



Charlee Bear Dog Treats Recalled

Here we go again another dog treat recall. Charlee Bear Dog Treats recalled

Below is all the specifics of the recall and what treats have been pulled from the shelves

Charlee Bear Protein Crunch Bars - Chicken Recipe with Carrots
5.5 oz packages; UPC Code: 8710890000
Lot number 19812; Best by date: 07-16-2015
Lot number 19912; Best by date: 07-17-2015
Lot number 20012; Best by date: 07-18-2015
Lot number 20212; Best by date: 07-20-2015

Charlee Bear Protein Crunch Bars - Chicken Recipe with Sweet Potatoes
5.5 oz packages; UPC Code: 8710890001
Lot number 20112; Best by date: 07-19-2015
Lot codes can be found on the back panel below the UPC Code. These recalled products were distributed around the U.S. in September and October.

If you purchased any of these products, you can return them for a full refund. Questions can be submitted by email to or by phone at 1-800-396-8893.
Signs of Salmonella Infection
  • decreased appetite
  • fever
  • abdominal pain
  • lethargy
  • diarrhea, bloody diarrhea
  • vomiting
If your dog has eaten these recalled products and has symptoms of Salmonella infection, contact your vet immediately.

People who touch products contaminated with Salmonella can also become infected. If you have handled the recalled products and have symptoms of Salmonella, contact your physician immediately.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Going into the Dog Treat Biz!!!!

Its been in the works for about a year now, but I have finally decided to go full force and open up shop on

 ~ All Natural Dog Treats~ 
NO Wheat, NO Corn, NO Soy

I'm proud to say that with my Love's support and excitement about the treats we are joining the many Home-Made Dog Treats in the industry.

I decided to give the name to my male black Lab Buddy. He is a treat fanatic!!! All treat flavors will be going through Buddy with his approval. If he doesn't approve then they don't go in our store.

One reason it took a year of research and asking questions and reading ingredients, is because I wanted Buddy's Kitchen Dog Treatz to stand out from the crowd made all Natural with no wheat, corn or soy. As I previously blogged about the dangers of those cheap fillers that are often found in Dog food and treats. I wanted a home-made treat with ingredients I would feel comfortable feeding to our dogs. Love always says if there are ingredients you don't know or even ingredients you wouldn't eat yourself, then why feed then to your dog? One reason why we are huge Blue Buffalo fans. We love our dogs like family and we feed them the same way.

Buddy's Kitchen Dog Treatz come by the dozen.
ALL Natural no dyes, no additives, no preservatives


Main Ingredients:
Brown Rice & Oat Flour, Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Water, Canola Oil
Peanut Butter
Apple Cinnamon

Friday, November 2, 2012

New Collar Fashion

Natural Hemp Dog Collars
This idea came from Love and his best friend Nate. I never knew about Hemp made dog collars. I was thrown off at first because I had no idea the many products that could be made from Hemp other than clothing. Hemp rope is easily tied and braided into necklaces, wallet chains, and dog collars. I LOVED the idea once Nate came over one night and showed the collars he had made for our dogs Bella and Buddy. The great thing is these Hemp Collars they wear now have replaced their everyday nylon collars that house their dog tags which are loud and annoying to hear in the middle of the night.
I then went to Nate and offered to go into business with him. He makes the collars and I advertise them on my websites. Now we are making our way into the Natural Hemp Collar with Colors and soon we will add beads.