Monday, December 3, 2012

Top 10 Gifts For Your Dog 2012

I have decided to start a tradition on the top 10 gifts for your dog. Every year I'll list 10 of the most desired items that dog owners are purchasing. With Christmas right around the corner I know I love to splurge on my Bella and Buddy with Christmas presents, so I want to share great gift ideas for you and your dog. However this list does not limit only Christmas shopping for your pet. This list can go through out the year.

Top 10 Gifts For Your Dog 2012
  1. Dog Bed - Each year I feel a dog should receive a new bed. Why? Well through out the year of your fun loving doggies running around, chasing squirrels, digging holes, rolling in dirt and/or grass they bring everything on them in the home and on their bed. I'm guessing mostly everybody washes their dogs beds, and by that I mean the outer cover of the bed, however all the deberis gets caught up under the cover top and sits all year long. Getting them a new bed will bring a smile to their cute little faces. 
  2.  Kong Toys - ANY Kong toy. Dogs love them but of course each dog has a favorite type of Kong they really enjoy and can't put down. In the process of elimination you will find their favorite Kong. My Buddy loves the Kong AirDog Squeaker Stick and Bella wont let go of the Kong Classic. Being able to have them inside or outside the home is a wonderful benefit for them.

 3. Collar - Even if its just to replace their old collars. Switch over their tags and voila! This year my boyfriend got the doggies new collars made of Hemp. Natural Hand Made Hemp Collars by Nate Henshaw. My dogs love them and its nice to relieve them from the nylon collar and tags they normally would wear. The fur on their neck has grown back and not being awaken by moving dogs in the early morning has its many benefits.

4.  Personalized Dog Bowls - I just love the idea of having personalized dog bowls. Its those little things that add a touch of elegance in the home that includes the four legged ones. The link is for The Potters Barn on Etsy. American Hand Made is always the way to go.
5.  Dog Seat Covers - If you're like me then you take your dogs everywhere you possible can. Keeping your seats clean from hair, dirt and sometimes a wet dog can be very frustrating. Having a full seat cover for the backseat of your car or your SUV is a lifesaver.

6.  Furminator De-shedding Tool - This tool is AMAZING!!! Even though I have Labradors with short to medium hair, their shedding is a drag and last for months. Being able to cut that shedding time in half is a huge help. My house has all hardwood flooring and having to sweep up a new dog almost everyday gets very tedious.

7.  Dog Puzzle Games - These games are designed to help your dog work their mental problem solving skills. Having them figure out where the treats are hidden in the puzzle and then to find them is very rewarding. Its a great busy toy that keeps them thinking and on their toes.

8.  Rawhide Pet Holiday Stocking - Every year Petsmart and Petco put these great rawhides up for sale. I always get my babies one each. Bella and Buddy can't get enough them and spreading them as treats to give through out the month makes the gift last even longer. Through out the month of December they go on and off sale. The best price you will get is Black Friday for 50% off or, if there is any left, after the holidays. However those stockings go pretty quick.

9.  Home Made Dog Treats - The home made dog treat business is a booming business with every type of design and ingredients out there to make unique treats for the human eye. To be honest dogs don't really care about what the treats look like, they just want them to taste GREAT! REMINDER - Always read what type of ingredients are used.

10.  Dog Backpack - Doggy Backpacks are great for exercise and training. It gives your dog a sense of a job they have to perform and complete, plus its great to have them hold snacks, bottled water, and First Aid Kit while camping or hiking.
There you have it folks 10 great gifts to give your dog or gifts you can give a dog owner. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to ask below. 

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Thank you so much!!! You just gave me some ideas for my babies!! :)