Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Pongo Fund

This pet food bank organization I found about a week ago is just AMAZING. Helping lower income families feed their pets with high quality food so they don't have to give up their family member in hard times. This warms my heart. Here is their information straight from their site.

"Food banks ease the hunger of those in need. The people of Portland, and of Oregon, understand this and actively support and utilize the food banks in our communities. Portlanders also love their pets, both their own and the pets of others. It is this convergence of need and affection that is the root of Portland’s first food bank for pets.

But the hungry pets of the homeless are being joined more and more by the hungry pets of people who simply are having trouble making ends meet…middle-class folks pummeled by the economy, white-collar workers recently laid off; even seniors and students are not immune. And when families must choose what to cut from their grocery lists, pets often are among those that suffer most.
For families that can’t afford to feed their pets, the consequences are greater than just
an empty stomach. Many pets will be surrendered to already overburdened shelters, many more will be abandoned. Finding new homes for these pets are never guaranteed. Families will be torn apart, simply because there’s not enough money to buy pet food.

The pain touches every single family, regardless of where they call home. And during these challenging times, that could be any one of us. The Pongo Fund wants to help protect these animals from being abandoned or surrendered when their families cannot afford to feed them.
That’s why we’ve created The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank; Portland’s first dedicated pet food charitable resource. It’s a genuine gift for the entire community…lending a hand when times are tough by providing quality dog and cat food for the companion pets of anyone in need.
Because sometimes, a simple bowl of kibble is the force that keeps a family together and saves the lives of the animals they love."

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