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Why Wheat, Corn, Soy and By-Product Meal is BAD for your dogs to eat

I am a FIRM believer in All Natural Dog food. It is what I feed my dogs and have for the past year and I have seen such HUGE improvements in their over all performance, skin, coat, teeth, weight and yes even stool. I don't have children so I'm very particular with my precious babies. I want them to have the BEST and be at their BEST. I watch everything that goes on with them even slight changes. I keep on top of their health because I want them to live a very happy and long life with myself, my Love and our future children.

Is the most common allergy for dogs, Wheat and Wheat by-product meal. My Bella has an allergy to it and I found that out the hard way. Here's WHY - Dogs can not digest wheat and it has been studied that wheat causes epileptic seizures and celiac disease in dogs. Wheat IS a Gluten and unfortunately its cheap!!! That's why grocery store dog food brands use wheat as a main ingredient. However it is a filler which allows them to use LESS REAL MEAT in the ingredients.

Similar to wheat, corn is actually HARDER for your dogs to digest. It passes right through their system, no nutrients are picked up and you then see why your dog is still hungry after feeding. It has been proven that Corn causes swelling, bloating and other major health issues in dogs after long use. Corn goes so deep as to even the corn fed chickens (which by the way is bad for chickens as well) that end up as the partial meat in grocery brand dog food that causes the health issues.
Here's another disturbing FACT: Corn is highly susceptible to mold! Yes MOLD! So basically you could be feeding your dog MOLD. In all corn is the WORST ingredient you could be feeding your dog. Just like Wheat it is also CHEAP and usually apart of the first 5 ingredients in grocery brand dog food.

Although soy can be digested by dogs, its gives them gas. And I'm talking ROOM CLEARING GAS!!! You know that gas so bad you make the choice in keeping your dogs outside cause of the smell?
Soy also causes bloating and here's a TIP: Bloating can kill you dog.
If you didn't know, soy naturally contains plant estrogens which act like the hormonal animal estrogen's and can interfere with reproduction and normal growth in dogs. And guess what? Just like Wheat and Corn, Soy is also used as a protein in grocery brand dog foods. Yep its CHEAP.....

By-Product Meal~
So what IS by-product meal?
**By-Product meal is a high-protein commodity used as a major component in some pet foods. It is made from grinding clean, rendered parts of poultry carcasses and can contain bones, offal and undeveloped eggs, contains feathers that are unavoidable in the processing of the poultry parts. Poultry by-product meal quality and composition can change from one batch to another.

Basically it's taking any form of the protein (mainly chicken in grocery brand dog foods) putting it through a grinder, feathers and all, processing it intensely, slightly cooking it then serving it to your dogs. Gross huh?

Dogs need protein from real MEAT and FISH sources like deboned cage free chicken, turkey, lamb, venison, duck and deboned salmon and white fish. (Fish proteins are used for a lean diet for dogs to prevent obesity)

What are grocery brand dog foods and are you feeding them these?
ALL Purina brands
Kibble's N Bits

What are BETTER options?
Wheat, Corn and Soy
Blue Buffalo
Nutro Ultra
Natural Balance
Nature's Variety
Solid Gold

Just because a dog food is less expensive than a more nutritionally based product, doesn't make it cheaper in the long run. If you dog eats foods that are not easily digestible, and it causes allergies or other health issues, there will be trouble. Vet bills aren't cheap and after trying to figure out the cause of any problems the food may have caused your pet. You'll pay for the treatment to resolve the issues or ongoing effects. Start taking a look at the side of the bag where there are ingredients. If the first ingredient isn't the MAIN protein, its BAD.
Plus picking up less poop is ALWAYS better.

**Quoted from Wikipedia


shagahotmonkey said...

Add Taste of the Wild to your good for dogs dog food :-)

Anonymous said...

since the writing of this post, Purina has developed Beyond and sit contains no wheat, corn soy or poultry by products