Monday, November 5, 2012

Going into the Dog Treat Biz!!!!

Its been in the works for about a year now, but I have finally decided to go full force and open up shop on

 ~ All Natural Dog Treats~ 
NO Wheat, NO Corn, NO Soy

I'm proud to say that with my Love's support and excitement about the treats we are joining the many Home-Made Dog Treats in the industry.

I decided to give the name to my male black Lab Buddy. He is a treat fanatic!!! All treat flavors will be going through Buddy with his approval. If he doesn't approve then they don't go in our store.

One reason it took a year of research and asking questions and reading ingredients, is because I wanted Buddy's Kitchen Dog Treatz to stand out from the crowd made all Natural with no wheat, corn or soy. As I previously blogged about the dangers of those cheap fillers that are often found in Dog food and treats. I wanted a home-made treat with ingredients I would feel comfortable feeding to our dogs. Love always says if there are ingredients you don't know or even ingredients you wouldn't eat yourself, then why feed then to your dog? One reason why we are huge Blue Buffalo fans. We love our dogs like family and we feed them the same way.

Buddy's Kitchen Dog Treatz come by the dozen.
ALL Natural no dyes, no additives, no preservatives


Main Ingredients:
Brown Rice & Oat Flour, Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Water, Canola Oil
Peanut Butter
Apple Cinnamon

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