Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sleeping with your dogs

It's always nice to think sleeping with your dog can be glamorous and restful however that is not how it happens in reality. Like children, dogs seem to always move around to the point where you are barely on the bed and you end up twisted sideways or in a small ball on the corner of the bed.

Its starts out all fine and dandy and everyone is comfortable, then someone needs to move and you feel so bad to move cause you know your pooch is far away in doggy dreamland and you don't want to disturb them. So you suffer.

I don't have any problems with my dogs in bed with me. I encouraged it for years since it was just me and my babies. I always slept great and I love having my babies surround me. Their warmth and relaxation always helped put me to sleep. But when I moved in with my boyfriend the bed was no longer big enough for 2 humans and 2 large breed dogs. Comprises had to be made and the rules are - 1. The dogs can be on the bed before we all fall asleep to give belly rubs and kisses goodnight. 2. Dogs have to be off the bed all night. In place since my boyfriend kept waking up with massive back pains due to them pushing us off the bed. 3. The dogs are allowed back on the bed in the morning when everyone is waking up for good morning kisses and belly rubs. 4. The dogs are allowed on the bed during the day but only allowed to LAY on the bed.
Our overall rule is the bed is a place for relaxation and sleep.What is it like in your home?


Arman Miah said...

nice post

Linda Fairy said...

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