Monday, January 7, 2013

American Made and Manufactured Dog Products

First and foremost I would like to put out there.............
Another thing I'd like to put out there................

I say the second part because its easy to BAG the products in America 
but much cheaper to get the PRODUCTS from overseas. 
There is a difference. How do you find out?
Call the 800 number on the bag, research the compnay or finish reading this blog. :)

Here is my RESEARCHED list of great American made and manufactured products I trust to feed my dogs and any dog that enters my home.

1. Blue Buffalo - I always put Blue first. Its what I feed my dogs and from the watching my dogs like hawks (cause I have no kids) I have seen the 100% change in their overall performance, look, smell, feel and how much they love the taste. The company they currently use to manufacture the food is located in Bern, KS. However they have been working towards getting their own manufactured plant in Joplin, MS. 100% owned and operated by Blue Buffalo.

2. Dogswell - Their brands include Dogswell, Catswell, Happy Hips, Breathies, Vitality, Mellow Mut and Happy Heart. I have recently purchased their Vitality Turkey and Veggies. My dogs LOVED them and they did NOT get sick. I watch for that. 

"Most DOGSWELL products are manufactured in the US. Some of our treats are manufactured in China, but we hold these facilities to the same stringent quality standards we maintain at our US facilities. DOGSWELL sources its ingredients based upon where we find top quality ingredients and a high quality supplier whose facilities and practices meet our safety testing standards."

3. Fromm - Family owned since 1904. Many breeders work with Fromm which is a very small company only distributed by small pet supply stores or breeders. In my research I found their wet food is manufactured in China however their dry food and treats are manufactured in Wisconsin.

Halo Purely For Pets - Halo has a small product line but all their products are made and from the US. I could not specifically find their manufacture location. They are Co-Owned by Ellen Degeneres. Brands include Halo Spot's Stew for Dogs and Halo Spot's Stew for Cat. 

5. Colorado Naturals - These Pet treats are AMAZING!!! Although recently having a recall, all their products are American made and manufactured in Denver, CO.  On their website they have listed specific reasons on how to look for China made products and how to find out. CLICK HERE to read up.

**Labels can be deceiving. Under FDA regulations a package must identify that product's responsible party. Unfortunately a way around this is to to use the U. S. distributors name and address rather than the manufacturer. Check all pet treat labels carefully to be sure there are no statements such as "Made in China" or "Product of China.** 

These are just a few of the MANY dog food companies out there. If you would like me to do some research on the food you feed your dogs, feel free Contact me

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