Tuesday, March 26, 2013

For My 30th Birthday 2013!!!!

Well the time has come again, however this time it means so much more. 
My favorite holiday of the year, well other than Thanksgiving. 

A friend of mine, decided this year for her birthday she wanted to "Pay It Forward". She asked for her friends and family have joined her and the response has been great. Many have "donated to cancer organizations, children of fallen soldiers, dog shelters, paid for random people to get drinks or food, helped friends with groceries & medical bills and more." Her birthday wish has inspired me to do my own birthday wish. 

For my Dirty 30 I want to ask all my friends and family to donate $5.00 to the list of Rescue Organizations below. Many of them have a very big importance to me since as a Professional Dog Trainer I have worked closely with them myself to help guide dogs to their FURever homes. You can choose to donate to more than one but I ask that everyone PLEASE donate to at least ONE Organization. Every one of your donations help with Vet bills, travel expenses, food, training, medication, and overall care of the animals they have in their care. This birthday wish  means more to me this year since I have grown so much in my business and working different dogs and learning so much about how a rescue organization works and how much effort there is that has to be put in to keep every animal they come in contact with alive and placed in homes.

So for my 30th birthday April 30th, Please choose one, two or more organizations to donate $5.00.This is a great idea also cause this year I'm not near my friends and family to celebrate but I feel this way they can still be apart of my birthday wish.

New Leash On Life - Santa Clarita, CA

Barks Of Love - Fullerton, CA

G.R.A.S.P.  (Greece Residence Assisting Stray Pets) - Greece, NY

Paws and Purrs Rescue - Henrietta, NY

Scottville Animal Pet Adoptions - Scottville, NY

Pitty Love - Rochester, NY

Much Love Animal Rescue - Los Angeles, CA


Kristin Metchis said...

This is soooo awesome!! It's perfect for you, the dog lover :)

Remind people that lots of companies do a charitable gift match (I know mine does) so whatever I donate my company will double it! Happy Birthday!

Nichole Brigette said...

Oh that's good to know I'll add that info :)