Sunday, March 24, 2013

Reiki for Pets by Ruth

Reiki by Ruth writes about the benefits and use of Reiki. 

Sometimes our pets are anxious, aggressive, or otherwise stressed (obsessive licking or scratching are quite common) and we don't know why. Or maybe you do know, but have run out of solutions for correcting the behavior. Training can help A LOT for dogs, but sometimes they seem to just be stuck and you and the trainer can't get them to move ahead.

Reiki can be a huge help to dogs (and all animals, really) in this instance. Reiki is a form of Japanese energy work. It works on the chakra and energy systems prevalent in Eastern Medicine. All living things are made up of energy. Everyone has energy pathways running through their bodies that can become blocked due to stress or illness. Frequently physical illness is caused by stress.

Reiki has worked wonders on pets adopted from shelters. Changing families is an enormous stress even if all the homes are loving. Unfortunately sometimes the dog may have been in a bad situation. It's frequently not going to be possible to find out an adopted or stray pet's full history, but Reiki energy doesn't need to know the information. The energy goes where it is needed in the body on its own.

It seems on the surface that our pets have very short memories, but in fact, some incidents will stick with them for life. There is a dog I worked with  named Kody. He was very carefree as a puppy. When he was a couple years old, a family friend came over to his house and teased him. He got spooked. After that he was never quite the same. He became fearful of this person in particular and even just men in general. He'd bark aggressively when anyone came over and he began peeing on the floor when men approached him.

I went to Kody's house and sat down on the floor near him. He loved attention and eagerly came over to see what I was up to. I let him know that everything was ok and no one wanted to hurt him. I placed my hands out facing him so that he could feel the Reiki energy. After he relaxed I was able to place my hands directly on his back. Reiki practitioners pass energy to the client through their hands. In many cases the dog will fall asleep during a treatment in what many practitioners refer to as a 'reiki nap'. Kody was considerably more relaxed when I left his house that day. I went back periodically to give him more treatments and his relaxation lasted longer and longer with each treatment.

If you would like to try Reiki for your pets or you know they would highly benefit from the relaxation, contact Ruth.
She is available on weekends and weekday evenings.

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